Ubuntu Indonesia Community

Ubuntu Indonesia Community is a Ubuntu LoCo (Local Community) in Indonesia. It is a place for everyone who intrested in using, developing with ubuntu, or contributing to ubuntu projects.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish is the latest version released in Aptril 2022. You can get it today, and run it on various environments such as Desktop, Servers, IoT, Cloud and much more.

Most widely used Linux distro

Ubuntu is one of the most widely used Linux distributon in the world. It is well known as easy to use linux desktop, and easy to configure linux distribution for server and other infrastructures. Ubuntu is optimized for various devices and environment such as Desktop, Laptop, Server, Cloud, Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, Appliances, Kiosks and much more.

Verified Ubuntu LoCo(Local Community)

Ubuntu Indonesia Community is a Ubuntu LoCo(Local Community) in Indonesia verified by Ubuntu Community Council. We provide localized forums and documentations, Plan and host various seminars and conferences. We also organize group studies, research/development projects on Ubuntu and its related open source projects.


Various companies, institutions and organizations support the Indonesian Ubuntu community in various ways to help them become more active.

Ubuntu Indonesia Community

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